I'm Karolyn Boyd, a warrior with unshakeable optimism whose life has been intervened by grace as an illness became a blessing in disguise as it propelled me towards who I am today.  
I am passionate about sharing my experiences and leading workshops and help guide people to reach a state of vitality as health is our most valuable priceless possession which must be cherished and treasured.
I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree and specialized in kinesiology and biochemistry.  I then enrolled in medical school, but quickly realized that their idea and philosophy of treating patients did not align with my vision of healing.  I also participated in a masters program in Molecular Medicine and specialized in exercise and insulin sensitivity.  I have mastered the metabolism and have learned to OBLIGE YOUR STUBBORN METABOLISM TO OBEY!
What I am especially passionate about, is inspiring possibility and empowering people to take responsibilty for their health and find courage, confidence, and independence in applying principles and habits to get a taste of this magical experience of wellbeing and vitality!