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Did you know . . .

The large majority of people that consult me for weight management are developing metabolic disorders?
Metabolic disorders are actually affecting the metabolism or the process that allows the cells to feed themselves and produce energy.  One of the most known metabolic disorders is diabetes, which is a metabolic disorder of the carbohydrates.  The body fills up with sugar and cannot manage the extra.  It appears that an imbalanced diet is reversible in a large majority of cases.
The large majority of people that consult me have an imbalanced diet and eat too many carbohydrates and bad fats and not enough protein, legumes and good fats.
Nutrition is a very important tool to address the symtoms that can have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing.
The food industry adds sugar in all food and tranforms all foods.  We have to be knowledgeable to identify this if we want to avoid being sick in the long term. 
Our society today is very sedentary and 98% of people who consult me are sarcopenic.  They have decreased muscle mass which aggravates with less exercise and which decreases muscular force and physical performances.  Resistance training is therefore an important aspect to improving muscle mass and longevity.  
It is also important to work your heart and your lungs with a cardiovascular workout and to maintain your capability to stretch and the range of motion of all your joints with a flexibility and stretching program.