• Karolyn Boyd

Body Brilliance Breakfast!

Do you eat a balanced nutritious breakfast every day within a few hours of waking up? Did you know that it may very well be one of the biggest mistakes you are doing?

It is indeed the most important meal of the day and did you know that about 25% of people leave the house without eating breakfast? People often opt for toast, cereal, or fruit or sometimes simply coffee, or worse yet, a very salty, and fat dripping highly processed morning sandwich at the local drive through with their large coffees. Sound familiar? You will note that these sample breakfasts are not sustaining and will definitely bring on cravings sometime before lunch. Eating a nutritious breakfast that includes a good amount of protein as well as healthy fats (rather than simply carbohydrates as the examples above) is absolutely necessary to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to begin your day on the right foot. It gets your metabolism going as the thermal effect the food has on your metabolism is beneficial, will provide your body with needed energy to begin your day, and will help you in your abilities to focus and maintain your concentration on tasks you are assigned for work.

If you have concerns about sugar level stability, eating a nutritious breakfast is definitely part of the solution to this problem! Some people get headaches, feel faint or have a drop in blood sugar levels or a lack of concentration as a result of not eating breakfast. I have seen hundreds of clients who opted out of breakfast find some normality in their blood sugar levels following a few months of eating a good breakfast. Many also actually lose weight! Another important advantage to eating a healthy breakfast regularly includes weight management as people who eat breakfast control their food intake more effectively and decrease their chances of gaining weight. So keeping this in mind, start the day off on the right foot and choose something small but well balanced to start implementing this essential daily habit. Many studies show that breakfast eaters tend to have healthier habits.

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