• Karolyn Boyd

Are you currently on a detour?

When you go through a period of discomfort such as pain, emotional difficulties or suffering of some sort, this is an indication that something needs to change in your life. It often shows up in our lives as a feeling of unease. It is an indication that we have made a mistake and we are headed on the wrong path.

We are generally in an unconscious state and operate mainly under patterned behavior. This feeling of unease makes us realize that we need to be moving in a different direction and do things differently as we have been taken off track. These losses exist and are there simply to wake us up from our unconsciousness and requires that we become more present in our lives. Our losses are therefore as valuable as our victories and are as equally precious. Often, we are not present enough to note these discomforts and simply push through life continuing on living the way we have been. However, if you take a moment to listen, even if it is simply 5 minutes to tune in, center yourself and feel, you will note the changes and will be able to do something about it. The way through the challenge is to get still and feel what the next right thing to do is.

I have found personally in my own life that moments of discomfort have actually been the greatest catalysts to bring the necessary changes to my life and bring about my evolution. This is one of the truly amazing gifts of a daily meditation practice. It doesn’t have to be very long, what is important is tuning in regularly to be able to listen to elicit the necessary changes required in your life. Take a moment to tune in and connect with your inner self and evaluate your state of being to be able to progress on the path that is most beneficial for you at the current moment. Simply close your eyes and let your awareness develop and listen deeply. The universe will tell you what you need to do next. It is as simple as that!

What do you do to get still?

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